Term used as a substitute for 'at least you tried'.
Commonly used in the British army.
'Did you hear about the Argentinian's managing to sink one of their ships leaving port?'
'Good effort, lads.'
by ASSRAAM March 13, 2016
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Award given to the person who is not really distinguished in any particular area. Synonymous with the "Good Sportsmanship Award," the "Keep up the Good Work Award," and the "Attitude Award." Used as a self esteem booster.
While little Jacquelyn received two first place ribbons in the 100-meter-dash and the swimming race, young Becky donned a "Good Effort" ribbon and a "Best Bubble Blower" ribbon. (NOTE: I, the writer of this definition, actually received a bubble-blowing ribbon. Best in my whole camp.)
by DW June 12, 2004
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