Instead of saying 'excellent', 'great' or 'fantastic' when you are referring to:

Say 'eggcellent' you will ALWAYS get a laugh
John - "That bird just shat on me"
You - "Eggcellent"
by justaboutdonewithyourbutt January 24, 2007
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A fart that has been released from your bunghole right after eating Raunchy rancid eggs.
by FartMania January 14, 2011
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When something is excellent, and my good friend Egg is somehow involved.
by Muffaletta August 18, 2011
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A judgment of how the quality of things are usually referring to how eggcelent it is.
The eggcelence of Ashley's eggs being cooked is very eggcelent.
The eggcelence of how well the eggs were cooked is very high.
by Penny Not Wise April 28, 2019
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A women that wastes away her 20’s riding dick, advancing her career and being a degenerate as her reproductive eggs go to rot. Eggcels are a huge problem after women have been “empowered” by feminism and think they are more free by wasting their youth sitting in an office chair 12 hours a day rather than staying at home being a loving wife and mother. The rise of the Eggcel has led directly to the rise in the Incel for the opposite gender, since most women aren’t looking for marriage in their 20’s and would instead rather be a whore that gets pumped and dumped by Chad, this has led to a lot of single men.
>be roastie
>drink every single weekend since 18
>permablast hormonal birth control
>haven't had a period in over 10 years
>triple digit body count
>double digits strains of HPV
>thousands of man hours in cervical blunt force trauma
>multiple recreational abortions
>turn 35
Person 1: what do you mean it's irresponsible to have children in your 30's?! That's a misogynistic stereotype women are having children way into their 40's! I'm just waiting to find the right man to settle down with.
Person 2: No Stacy, you’re an eggcel.
by Brenton T January 28, 2020
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(Adj.) Something so excellent that it loses the ex- prefix and becomes EGG-. Used only in matters that deem "EGGcellent" descriptions.
-How did you do on that impossible test?
-I got a 100.
-That is EGGcellent.

I know a lot of EGGcellent facts.
by EGGceller March 19, 2009
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Eggcells or eggs is the name of the most idiotic ignorant hated problematic childish kpop fandom they like to embarrass themselves and their group exo too much with their stupidity

They like to stalk the global artists BTS and their diamonds and lovelies
A: What happened ?
B: Eggcells are smoking that koko crack again

B: Eggcells are at it again
by BolMae March 21, 2018
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