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Laid back and chill. Commonly miss-read and somewhat shy. Uniqely beautiful and sexy but unaware of it. Very out going around the right people. Extremely opinionated and awful with first impressions. Awesome with long-term relationships of any kind. Wicked sense of humor and always memorable.
"That was one ridonkulously wicked time!"
"Thats cuz Chantell was there!"

"Her way or the hi-way!"
"Yep, thats Chantell!"

by Rys Mum September 03, 2008
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a person that is caring, willing to help people out, compassionate,
loves guys! specially the dark ones
believes in everything that comes to mind,
likes to make people laugh
funny and is all around a great person to be friends with

by aldfkjdla August 25, 2008
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Very pretty, Nice smile, Lives in Central Point & enjoys having her friends around, she loves her cousins and her neices alot, & doesn't like to many people, Short, ehhh, nice medium long brown hair with the middle name of Marie. :)
''Hey, look at that pretty girl, she's pulling a Chantell''
by Kitkatty July 12, 2011
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Another word for a telly thing all the mans say she has infections down there an when people walk by rumours to been said it smells like fish,can be a nice girl when it comes to dick but she caps for dick,one of the biggest thots I know an her teeth are perfect for railroad tracks she loves riding them horses likes it’s a cock
Yeo that shorty chantell I heard ran a battry ting

Yeo thats bitch I heard ricks cock like a horse then yells yee hawwwwww when the guy busts
by Chantel G June 20, 2019
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