In online role-playing games. Spending countless hours killing enemies to level your character.
Perry: "How'd you get to level 40 in one night?"

Nathan: "You just have to stay up and grind it like all night.
by desperryado November 26, 2005
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When you’re working your ass off to get somewhere!!
-you know me always at the gym trying to get that sexy body. Grind grind grind!! 🔥
-damn my sister working so hard at school getting that grind grind grind!! 💯
-working night and day for that paycheck yes you go bitch GRIND GRIND GRIND!!🔥
by sexymonster244 January 15, 2018
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when you work your ass off to get shit done
Dini: Have you started working on college apps yet? The deadline is in four days.
Gabby: Not really, I haven’t started any of the essays yet.
Dini: Shit, you’ve gotta grind girl!
by ur b1tch October 28, 2019
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staying "on the grind" means to work hard, always be hustling, or otherwise engaged in money-making or woman-procuring activities.

people who were once poor and become wealthy might then become lazy and indolent and spend all day in champagne-filled jacuzzis whereas other newly-successful people might continue to work hard, thus "staying on the grind"
there are many examples from 50 Cent's latest release, "the Massacre", but i'll offer up two:

excerpt from "God gave me style":

A O.G. told me God's favorites have a hard time
You out the hood, that's good now stay on the grind

Chorus from "Bitch get in my car":

I got no pickup lines
I stay on the grind
I tell the hoes all the time
Bitch get in my car (Bitch get in)
I got my 64, ridin' on Dayton spokes
And when I open that do'
Bitch get in my car
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When you're working hard either at work or at a job.
Charles is grinding at work today.

Grinding trying to get that paper.
by tutie411 September 24, 2018
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Also Known As Dirty Dancing. When a girl is rubbing her ass all over a guys dick until it comes to the point where he gets a woody
i was grinding with this girl with the biggest booty
by ___ October 19, 2003
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