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Edris is a very awesome human , who has an amzing jumshot , ans will have a hot girlfirend. Edris is perfect . If you see an Edris , you are pretty lucky .
Wow you have seen an Edris!
by Sarull Simon April 01, 2017
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A sandman who can't stop texting his girl. He drives like Hellen Keller, and crashes cars like the American stock market in the 20's. Always breaks homie swears, and is the biggest hypebeast in vegans. He looks like a New Year's Resolution noob in the gym, and his cable tricep extensions look like he's bending over to jerk off a giant. He hates pork for some reason too. Also his dad is lowkey Manuel Noriega.
"Yo Edris, come get some pepperoni pizza!"
"I can't I don't eat pork, and I'm texting my girl."
by gimmezucc January 19, 2018
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the most amazing mexican border crosser you'll ever meet. extremely gay and fun to hang out with when he's not depressed... which is never. But its okay because once you meet an edris you'll know he's the one! coolest guy i know that has gonnorhea.
YO, who's that depressed kid over there? oh thats big booty edris
by barnaclefish December 14, 2016
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Edris is a guy who thinks he's the shit. He'll talk a gang of shit to his friends then back out at the last second. But you can depend on Edris in hard situations no matter how much of a son of a bitch he is.
Guy 1: ''Dude Edris is such a bitch my nigga, you go to smack the shit outta him for the shit talk but then he say ouch and he sorry''
Guy 2: ''I know my nigga but he pulled up when you got into shit with them other motherfuckers''
Guy 1: ''I know G but sometimes you gotta put a bitch in his place ya' feel?''
by 102987 October 22, 2018
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