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Probably the best guy you can date, beautiful, funny, with a great sense of humor. its a wish for every woman to date mehrad
Hell yes i'm dating Mehrad!
I cant believe that i'm dating Mehrad!
by The inarcist unknown January 28, 2018
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Mehrad is a funny bunny guy with cute curly hair and curly eyelashes! He's the sweetest thing ever...but be careful, he's quite the nasty one. Dont let his rosy cheeks fool you, he can move faster than Rickey Martin! He's diggin pink tights!
by Banunu October 03, 2005
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good friend, but sneaky, good to talk to, but if u tell him a secret he will tell anita, but all up funny and annoying
mehrad and anita are in love and will get married
by Lady February 02, 2005
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so like fucking everything and love sex.
all people fear mehrad Because he have big dick and fuck all.
mehrad is so good friend for your mom.
you have to avoid mehrad because he maybe fuck you
by solomaty August 16, 2018
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