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This person is very romantic, intelligent, athletic, and has a very big dick. This person is very attractive and will pleasure his woman in every way known to mankind and she will love him forever. This person will make the perfect father and husband. He will always be there for his loved ones and especially his love interests and he will love and never harm those he holds dear and is willing to help anyone who asks and sometimes does not ask.
Girl 1: Oh, I wish I was dating Edric, he's so perfect and he has a huge dick.

Girl 2: No I want to date him you fucking bitch.
by E-master/blaster April 04, 2017
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Edric is the guy you will fall fair tale madly in love with. He's the one you bring home to you're family then make love to him senselessly as a reward for good behavior. He's your life time friend and the best possible boyfriend you can ever have in your life time. Never not take the time to know him cause when he opens up its totally worth the wait.
Girl 1: Omg that's edric omg I have to have him as my boyfriend
Girl 2: Uh uhhh girl he belongs to Jazmin
Girl 1: I'ma still try
by zealot1212 February 06, 2013
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A evil dragon that prayed on young village in the middle ages of china. Many believe that its intelligence was from its black hair. Sir Sean Edwards slayed the beast and cast it down into the firey abyss. Later Andrew (a lvl 36 warlock) battled with sean for killing his beast using his staff of Fojordian with a Devon trapped in it. Sean killed him by rollinga stone on his head. Kurtis came on later and fought with sean Kurtis was a lvl 0. 1567264 warlock and used his slap on Sean. Sean summoned edric from his grace using the key of Alsgcabeth and slayed kurtis, because kurtis use the jakunod of Game nerds 1 and 2 (mike and anthony. Sean slayed kurtis using pound with the hammer of dillan(the under ground(bridges too!) guardian. Edric and devon got married.( and had a kid named alyssa) who was g-hettoish
by Dunoi March 24, 2006
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Edric is a
Democratic Party despising
Republican Party tolerating

- A sarcastic being
- Although he is usually good, he is a bit of an asshole.
Person 1- Who is Edric?

Person 2- You are a retard. Edric is a democratic party despising, republican party tolerating, independent, conservative

Person 1- huh?

Person 2- ';/.
by Obcene313 April 12, 2010
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Edric is defined as a person with long swooshy hair
Bob: Wow that guy has long swooshy hair!
Ted: Yep, hes an Edric...
by DannyCopperfield March 08, 2011
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A big faggot ass boi with the tiniest pee pee umaginable
Wamen: yeah i would have dated him but he's an Edric
Me: Didn't kniw your standards were so low
by CloutKingDave January 14, 2019
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