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Jazmin is girl that doesn't take crap from other people. She is best friend quality she will stick up for her friends no matter what. She will always be there for her friends and family. Although its takes a while for her to open up to you but once she does you can see the real her. Her personality shows her craziness , funniness, kindness and maybe sometimes her sassiness .Uf you have a Jazmin in your life better keep her.
Guy1: did u know that a guy cheated on jazmins best friend and she beat the crap out of him.

Guy2: yea he's still in the hospital
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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Jazmin is such a beautiful girl who goes through so much but at the end of the day she figures it out and keeps on going with her life she's easy to fall for cause her personality is so amazing and her smile is to die for she's just a perfect persosn over all perfect for a guy whos romantic
Bro is that Jazmin ?
Yeah bro she perfect huh?
by Wicked ram hd June 17, 2017
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Jazmin is a pretty girl who is easy to like. She makes friends really easily and care about them. She is always there for you. She is a very funny person. She will be your best friend. She is a very smart person. So if you know her try be with her the most. Don't miss the fun!!!
Jazmin is my best friend or I like Jazmin cause she is funny
by Happy emoji January 03, 2015
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Pretty, smart person that can be trusted with anything. Loveable,Stands up for her friends she rare if you find one Keep her close.
Thanks for being smart and being Jazmin
by breanababydino March 10, 2017
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jazmin is very open minded person , she loves to get out the house but also loves her own company , also a strong believer in god.shes a easy person to vibe with. shes understanding but shes also smart , shes the type to forgive but

never forget , very ambitious , a achiever and never lets anything stop her from anything she wants to accomplish. shes not cocky but shes not insecure either she knows her worth!!
"hey there goes jazmin you'll love her !"
by brownskin69 December 23, 2017
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The most amazing person you will ever meet.

Very lovable, forgiving, and incredibly crazy.
Loves to party.
Loves to have a good time.

Independent, and doesn't give a shit
what other people think.

Often speaks her mind.
Falls in love a little too quickly,

but can fall out just as fast.

One of the greatest people you will ever meet.

Best friend material.

Very trusting, you can tell her anything.
Girl: You're a stupid bitch!
Jazmin: Yeah, I know. But you're a slut .. so fuck you :)
by shatlicker13 February 04, 2010
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