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A Muse. A Keeper of Secrets. A Gentleman or GentleLady. A best friend when you think no one cares. A beautiful Soul ahead of their time. Finding a Keyz is probably one of the most Life-Changing experiences ever. Always being the one to bring a room to Life. Keeping a heart of silver and a spoon of pure kindness and generosity, a Keyz is nothing more than proof that their is always someone who will have your back and support you. No matter what. A hard lover and a harder fighter, their loyalty and dedication is immeasurable. Impatient, yet quiet, a Keyz is the perfect person to talk to if you ever feel down. They have a swift yet subtle bite to their words. But it's worth every breath. Flawed with a curse of Confusion, Keyz can sometimes get lost in their own train of thought and forget about reality and play in their own realm. But at the end of the day, a Keyz will always Love unconditionally to whomever they come across. A Dreamer and Beauty at best. Also a Grammar Nazi.
They chick, Keyz, is crazy. Watch out for her ass. Forreal.
by zippoflipper February 21, 2015
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Funny asf, 5g shit you already know, straight A student, just a cool real nigga. Everybody wants to be like Keyz. But can you really blame them.
"Man i wanna be like Keyz when i grow up."

You're so funny you're such a Keyz.
by Ilovekeyz😍 March 14, 2017
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