A small to medium sized community just south of Annapolis. The area has experienced an explosion of architecturally poor development along Route 2 (it’s main road) and Mayo road. However, when you get into the neighborhoods along the water it is quite lovely.

There’s a weird tension between the waterbilly residents who have lived in Edgewater for generations that hate outsiders and any kind of development at all, and the lawyers/doctors from the D.C metro area that want to see it turn into a Montgomery county looking hellscape.

Other than that, it’s a typical suburban Maryland town. The accent of your typical Edgewater thoroughbred local is more connected to a caucasian Bowie/P.G county type accent than a Baltimore accent, but it does retain elements of both (Governor Hogan is a great example). This is caused by the fact that it is situated right on the gray line for D.C or Baltimore loyalty.

One last thing is Edgewater has an incredible amount of weed. A rite of passage for any South River Highschool student is having tried weed for the first time at Bass Pond or the K-mart parking lot.
“If you think you can out fish Mason, you’re wrong. He’s from Edgewater and just injected 200 grams of raw unadulterated THC”

“I’m thinking about buying a house in Woodland Beach instead of Annapolis but i’m afraid of the Edgewater stigma”
by Edgewooder November 20, 2020
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A 3-mile long strip of land where no matter where one lives, it is possible to purchase marijuana at 15 paces from one's door. Also, refuses to spend funds on building a high school and would rather build thousands of delevopments instead.
Edgewater is not so splendid.
by BAGELONTOP October 28, 2005
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1.A small town in Maryland full of rednecks. 2.The shittiest place on earth. 3.Where the Apocalypse will begin.
Don't move to Edgewater, you'll get shot up by a redneck.
by Lorenzo Alcazar February 28, 2006
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-small town located in bergen county
- along the Hudson River; nice view of NYC
- very wealthy town, not very populated
- where many young teens come to hang out, usually from Cliffside Park or Ridgefield.
- sometimes referred to as E-Water or Edge
- mainly known by teens for its huge Movie Theatre
"Yo what are you doing tonight?"

"Goin to hang out at edgewater"

by jas0n231 March 25, 2009
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A game on ROBLOX that is very boring. All you do is re in act your boring school life but in a game full of admin abusers and noobs.
Jim: Hey, you coming to edgewater college?

Bob: Nah, too many noobs
by BlahJason February 11, 2017
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A public high school in Orlando, Florida, located on Edgewater Drive. It was designated as being below par for the No Child Left Behind Act in 2008. It was also one of the Orange County schools to lose hundreds of students in 2008 because of time changes and cutbacks due to budget cuts, resulting in further budget cuts.
John: "Hey, aren't you goin' to Winter Park now?"

Tyrone: "Am I white? Do I drive an Audi? Hell naw, I go to Edgewater High School, son"

Andrew: "Sorry, breh, I gotta study for my GED exam. Yeah, I was one of Edgewater's left behind."
by L-moneyz January 28, 2009
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Is a small town that uses the same area code as Beverly. This town doesn't have a high school and the elementary and middle school are about 1 mile apart. In the E.P. schools there are only about 300 students in each. The school does have bus transportation and depending on the distance away from the school, you can walk. The town itself has about 5 parks/memorials. Edgewater Park doesn't have a football field but a flag football team. Most of the sports are played under the E.P.A.A.(Edgewater Park Athletic Association). The E.P.A.A. allows you to play baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, cheerleading, and flag football. You can also play sports for school also. The school allows you to play baseball, basketball, softball, and cheerleading.

The town's food resources, are McDonald's, 2 Deli, Big Lots, Green Cafe, 7Eleven, Dollar Store, Rite Aid, and PathMark. The people in the town aren't all bad people and the gang rate isn't high. The total area of Edgewater Park is 3.0 square miles. The total population is about 8,000. This town has 3 sets of apartments.

Edgewater Parks transportation is the NJ Transit Train and the NJ Transit Bus.

ewpgirl16 is wrong about E.P.
Edgewater Park, NJ
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