A life that 11-18 year olds do not like living. It includes 5-6 hours of lessons and at least 1 hour of homework each night. They savour the weekend as the majority of it is spent doing the things they love such as meeting up with friends
Nyah : So, how's life
Jessica: Well, it's school life soooo...
Cerys: Oh that's not good. Bet you're glad for the weekend coz it's Friday today!
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When your going through a mid-life crisis in middle school. But homework, bullies, romance, toxic friends, identity crisis, and school are your biggest problems
Middle school Mid Life Crisis also known as MSMLC.

Bobby: Man, life really sucks sometimes I think I'm going through a middle school mid-life crisis.

Nate: dude, I get it but why don't you just shorten it by saying MSMLC.

Bobby: you must be going through one to if you feel the need to shorten all the long words you use.
by Angel the assassin July 17, 2021
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