1. A phrase commonly used to dismiss someone caustically, similar to “get fucked.”
2. To have an accident, usually related to falling to the ground.
3. To humble oneself, usually by admitting fault or offering subordination.
1. “Hey, you know what? Eat shit, prick.”
2. “I was running to work because I was late, but I didn’t noticed how uneven the sidewalk was so I tripped and just completely ate shit. I barely even broke my fall.”
3. Alright, buddy. You know you fucked up, you can’t deny it any long. It’s time to eat shit. Grab a bib.
by Born worse ones May 24, 2019
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To consume one's or another's feaces
Ben: "Oi, eat shit!"

Pedestrian proceeds to eat shit
by Pelt February 04, 2007
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What poor people do.
Hobo Bob:Hey joe,look what I found!
Hobo Joe: Alright! Shit!
Hobo Bob:Let's eat shit
by Ren&Azi March 18, 2006
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to fall (wipe out) painfully on a skateboard or just in general to the amusement of onlookers.

not to be confused with simply slipping and falling.

only when falling is accompanied by severe pain or when it appears to.

past tense: ate shit
i tried to ollie the 9stair but instead god decided i should eat shit, sliding face first, flipping and hitting my head along the way.
by viciousk August 13, 2009
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Litterally telling someone to eat themselves because they are shit. Basically a shit comeback to any roast
Guy 1: ur mom gai
Guy 2: eat shit
by coolDefBoi December 04, 2019
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