Common phrase to implore someone to eat your feces. Usually because they stole from you or because they are a pedophile. Only to be used before you call his wife a cunt even if she is a total cunt.
If you can get that guy to call 1-802-EAT-SHIT, maybe he will get some closure and move on by getting a job and not stalking all his neighbors. Eat Shit dude!!
by cuntlisa April 1, 2018
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A phrase which has two common usages:

A: A phrase that connotates that somebody is angry at you. The literal meaning of this phrase doesn't really apply so much as the figurative insult that it delivers in a vulgar format. See: "Fuck you." And "Get fucked." for similar meanings.

B: To fall with intensity, smack against the ground, a wall, the dirt, or to otherwise collide with a solid surface against your will.
"Yeah, whatever. Eat shit, Josh."

"No, I fucking ate shit this morning! Josh pushed me!"
by Adam Samuel August 17, 2020
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An insult, stating the the other individual should feast upon feces,
Guy 1:Hey dude, Why didn't you go to that concert, Aren't they your favorite band?

Guy 2:Eat Shit!
by CJ500 December 14, 2009
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The perpetual process of doing nothing productive. Considered a life style by some, it involves procrastinating, smoking weed all the time and generally wasting unused potential.
Want to come over and eat shit?
I'm just eating shit at Kyle's house.
I ate shit all weekend.
by slumrum September 19, 2009
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To consume one's or another's feaces
Ben: "Oi, eat shit!"

Pedestrian proceeds to eat shit
by Pelt February 5, 2007
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A girl calls her friend after 11 pm to sleepover. She has her brother to ask if he can put his head between her friends legs. The friend wipes her shit on her pussy in case someone tries to force their hands down her pants. So she says yes and the guy EAT SHIT!!!!
by thebest4ever December 7, 2009
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Wiping out hardcore in a public place with no hope of a graceful recovery.
Man, did you see Kayla eating shit last night at the club. Her face was all fucked up this morning.
by Rastaman 2 September 13, 2009
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