The act of someone falling face first into hard ground in an embarrassing manner.
WOW! Did you just see James eat dick trying to jump that table?
by joe slides July 28, 2008
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The phrase used when teeing off during frisbee golf. The Eat is stressed and the Dick is screamed in a high pitch voice.
Josh: Drewski dude tee off
Drew: Aight...Eat Dick!
by Bigazn1990 December 3, 2009
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What you accuse a person of doing when they can't pay attention.

E.D.D Eating Dick Disorder. Person who can't focus cause they get distracted easy
Angel: Look out bro you're gonna hit that car
Carlos: Damn bro, I didn't see that nigga coming
Angel: You're too busy eating dick. Focus bro focus
by thats September 22, 2011
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Eating cock (adverb.) The act of falling very hard, possibly hard enough your legs kick up in the air.
Ron:Wow man that fall must have hurt.

Nick:Yeah man, I totally ate dick.


Him:Babe can I at least teach him how? He is going to be eating dick all day if I don't!

Her:Honey its better if he eats dick and learns from his own mistakes.
by Good-advice-doggo November 18, 2016
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ty can i wear your hat?

NO! eat dick, fucker
by josh70 January 7, 2009
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a generic yet abrasive comeback to a verbal attack
John: Hey Melissa you freaking suck at flip cup
Melissa: Eat a dick
by halfjap October 27, 2005
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