Someone who is very damn excited/anxious for something, usually resulting in extreme fucking annoyance for the people around them.
Shit, he's such an eager beaver when it comes to getting laid. one day he's gonna cum his pants!
by morningtea April 26, 2007
A girl, usually ranging in age from 14 to 21 who is very interested and ancious to explore her sexual promiscuity. Often times regarded as an easy hookup.
Guy 1: Man, I just got with Stacey last night.

Guy 2 (unimpressed): Man, that ain't no biggie. That girls an eager beaver.
by DarkLabStudios June 5, 2007
A woman who doesn't know how to play hard to get.
Ashley is such an eager beaver: she texted me back 2 minutes later after I hadn't talked to her all day.
by PhilipJFry27 November 21, 2014
A notorious nickname for Irish Gaelic football players, in particular for forwards who poach goals and link up well with the midfield. Eager Beavers always make runs for possession as well as tackling heavily.
Pauric : The ball you passed in to Daire from midfield was great.

Conal : Ye I know, the eager beaver always looks for them passes though
by fearmhor18 August 29, 2010
1)an unbelievably keen year 7 with a rucksack that is bigger than their entire body
2)alternatively there is the game which is basically violent snap and so much better than the original :O
1) did u see that eager beaver trip over on the way up to assembly.

2)olibaz: SNAPPP!!! *punches grud*
grud: oii *snatches cards they break*
by grud February 28, 2009
when one waits to long to make a bowel movement and there is a build up of poo in your body. the anus is unable to strech enough to let it through resulting in a ripping of ones asshole and a whole lot of fucking pain
If you didnt have such an eager beaver, maybe we wouldnt have to mop your shit up off the floor
by Standford August 15, 2006