1)an unbelievably keen year 7 with a rucksack that is bigger than their entire body
2)alternatively there is the game which is basically violent snap and so much better than the original :O
1) did u see that eager beaver trip over on the way up to assembly.

2)olibaz: SNAPPP!!! *punches grud*
grud: oii *snatches cards they break*
by grud February 28, 2009
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when one waits to long to make a bowel movement and there is a build up of poo in your body. the anus is unable to strech enough to let it through resulting in a ripping of ones asshole and a whole lot of fucking pain
If you didnt have such an eager beaver, maybe we wouldnt have to mop your shit up off the floor
by Standford August 14, 2006
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