An Australian term for hailing and attracting attention, perhaps etymologically related to Ahoy , a term with similar meaning in the nautical/pirate lexicon
Oii, mate, where do you thing you are going with me sheila?
by valar November 10, 2004
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Dumbass: ouch, I just walked into that door

Other Guy: Oii
by me945 September 11, 2011
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orgasmic incorporated industriousness
The sexspecialist and I heard footsteps on the stairs and the rhymical functioning of our oii ceased due to the employees of the company being made redundant and having to be laid off immediately
by CriostoirHulme August 07, 2005
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Term used mainly by Australians, namely as a means to acquire somebody elses attention.
by Campbell Robsen November 27, 2004
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Oii oii, saveloy. A young bantaclaus once googled what a saveloy was in a chip shop in poole, it was a red sausage, that bantaclaus was called Ben. And so the phrase was born. OII OII SAVELOYYY
Oii oii saveloy
by Spotify Mistroni 69 August 20, 2018
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