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Extra special bonus sex or Extra Special Bum Sex
Dude, I took my girl out for dinner and Paid... That should earn me ESBS!
by Lolz4u July 11, 2010
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An ancronym for Excessive Sperm Build-up (aka Blue Balls).
Ted just couldn't handle his ESB any more; he told his wife to screw off and went to the titty bars.
by OA&T March 20, 2007
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East Side Brotherhood. One of the small gangs in Richmond consisting of a few Canadians, filipinos and other asians
ESB is a small group of asians that get in tones of trouble with the cops.
by [X]treme May 14, 2005
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A street gang in the Bowling Green area of Eastside Kansas City, MO. The gang is notorious for dealing cocaine and gang-bangin. The gang color is red. ESB's are in alliance with the Trae Side Poppas, another BG Gang. Rival gangs are Kemp Spillas and 62's, westside gangs. The ESBs, or E ast S ide B loods (B oyz), out number the Spillas and 62's throughout Kansas City on Jackson County.
Wad up cuz, ima ESB, gotta short life expectancy, neva gon' live past 23, but til i die im gonna be a G.

Throw it Up. ESB TIL I D.I.E.
by Grimy Shadez March 01, 2007
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