Lando is an amazing person with great personality. He doesn't see it, but he lights up the world of everyone around him. Everyone says not to trust Lando. But Lando is the most trustworthy person you will meet. Lando has many friends but pays most attention to those closest to him. Lando is the friend everyone wishes they could have. Never argue with a lando for they have a reputation with winning. If you can avoid fighting with Lando, you can keep a good friend. Lando sticks to his word and you should believe him when he says he will be there for you. Always. You never want to lose a lando
by Kid with the glasses September 25, 2018
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n. Someone who is made to appear to be a traitor, bad friend or dick, due only to unfortunate circumstance.

Lando Calrissian is a character from the original Star Wars trilogy, who is given no choice but to betray the central characters.
Matt: Can you believe how much of a dick Randy has been tonight? He stole my beer and then cockblocked me. What a prick.

Trey: Nah, he's just a Lando. He saw Eric piss in that beer he gave you, but didn't want to start any shit. And then he stopped you from getting with Liane- don't you know she has herpes?
by DaimyoLingo February 02, 2011
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A cool dude That is loyal to any girl who doesn’t play them for some other nigga
Lando a loyal dude
by Hhttgc March 31, 2018
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The coolest motherfuck in the galaxy, until 27 years later when the Star Wars DVD portrayed him as screaming like a little bitch.
by Woobert September 29, 2004
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A dumb bitch who can’t control his bowels.
God I can’t believe lando shit in a McDonald’s cup while in my car. It’s the second time his shit himself in my car.
by Management is gay May 29, 2020
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A traitorous person who has led the enemy you you.
(From Spaced Season 2, episode 2: Back)

You Lando
by Snake December 07, 2004
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the blackest brother in Star Wars. He fought for both sides good and evil.
catch phrases include "how ya doin chewbacca?" and "woohoo!"
Lando is my hero, ya dig?
by .dongattack! September 20, 2003
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