A Parent(97% of the time is a mother and can also be referred to as Karen ) who treats their child LIKE THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS. They will literally do anything to make life hell for anyone else just for their "Precious Little Angel " whether it's letting them do whatever they want in public places with no consequence, or will literally try to steal other peoples property like Peoples Pets or Backpacks or bikes E.T.C. But when the authorities come they will try to lie and cheat their way out of a sticky situation. They can be seen driving Minivans/SUVs(Preferably Kia) with their children in tow. They can be found at places like Coffee shops, Fast Food Places, Public Playground, Dog Parks and literally anywhere else where kids would be. They generally live in the upper-middle-class suburbs and carry Gucci or Louis Vuitton Handbags and Glasses. To hear some of these stories check out r/entitledparents on Reddit.
Entitled Parent: YOU THERE My child really likes your dog
Person: Oh thank you
Person: But this is my dog who is microchipped under my name.
Entitled parent: I DONT CARE! (tries to steal the leash but horribly misses)
Person: (Does the smart thing and runs away)
by BeastlyHawk May 10, 2019
Oh the terror. These people will use their kids to get anything they want and yell at anyone who gets in their way.
I have my little angel with me today and I demand a free drink. shut up you entitled parent
by Зы1 Рфвпккшв February 24, 2020
That fat bitch who wants everything for their child who litteraly has a subreddit based on the fuckin assholes
I encountered an entitled parent last night her name was karen
by heatcheque June 19, 2019
The definition its the same of cancer of the society
Probably the worst enemy of any person in the street
Women who are entitled are popularly known as Karen
People who are entitled feel like they're superiors to others, and, a hint: they're not
I hate that Entitled parents, her name is Karen and Joseph
by asskali January 14, 2020
that person who needs to try the healing crystal brand: mind your own fucking business. with mind your own fucking business you can fuck off and see the world over the brim of your naga hat.
did someone speak spanish to someone else entitled parent? how about you mind your own fucking business.
by Baron The Great December 9, 2020