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Extended Play. Alternate word for a music 'Single'. This word is used to describe a CD with a small amount of songs in it (About 5)... Where as the opposite to a EP is a LP, which is a CD with many more songs (10/12ish)
THORIA started theur career by releasing a EP (Worry Dolls) they followed it up with a LP (Love sick)
by John-O November 15, 2004

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Well all I'm saying is, make sure your dealer's a boz boz or you might end up on a quack candle.
"Are you the boz boz? Are you A boz boz?"
by John-O November 11, 2003

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on all levels, a comedy genius who spawned TV shoes such as "That Peter Kay Thing" and "Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights." Also a classy stand-up comedian
"Shitting crikey Peter Kay was good at the top of the tower last night"
by John-O October 27, 2003

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A narcotic frequently mentioned in the satire television programme "Brass Eye"
"have you got any clarkey cat? I don't want to end up on a quack handle"
by John-O October 04, 2003

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A colloquial term for crack cocaine.Maybe.
Brass Eye TM - "have you got any quack handle?"
by John-O July 11, 2003

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