A chore or something you've been requested to perform however do not care to complete.
Last night my boyfriend asked for a blowjob. I gave him a blow-task. (Suck the tip for a heartbeat then go vaginal).
by AltaTexan September 07, 2017
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n. a job to be done when an extremely lame joke has been uttered. they can be simple or ridiculous. tasks must be called within 10 seconds of the joke or they do not count.
Guy 1: Wow, did you see how much corn that guy had in his shopping cart?

Guy 2: Yeah, he must be a real "corny" guy

Guy 1: ... TASK! You are to run around the supermarket once with your shirt off screaming "Penis!" at the top of your lungs.
by TCU May 16, 2011
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A bathroom activity in which a group of people take a dump together, in seperate, multiple stalls. It is a social experience, since the taskers talk while on the can. It makes taking a dump even better.

Often done at schools, during a gym class or study hall.

Note: Can be spelled TASC as well. (Take A Shit Co-operatively)
"Hey, John! You want to go Task with me?"
"Sure, Steve! I've had to crap all day."
by Elessar November 15, 2005
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1. To provide difficulty to ones computer to the point where it is running at full capacity.

2. To complete consecutive tasks or quests in an online game to power level or just to complete.
I. Crisis 2 on max settings is really tasking my computer...

II. Was tasking all night to get to level 80, I don't even think I slept!
by Wreckard July 01, 2014
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When someone requests you to do a task and you ask them so many questions about how to do the task that by the time they've shown you how to do the task they've finished the task for you.
My Mom was trying to teach me how to do the washing so I kept tasking her on how to do it until she finished the job for me.
by le_cock June 19, 2018
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The thing you never get to finish in 'Among Us'.
Yeah, more commonly used with people who play 'Among Us'.
Green: I was doing my tasks with black the whole time!
Black: Ay yo that's cap
Pink: Cyan sus
Cyan: I was in 'Electrical' with you, pink
Black: Green sus guys
Green: I was in 'medbay' with yellow
Pink: Yellow is dead
*Black has voted*
*Pink has voted*
*Cyan has voted*
*Red has voted*
*Purple has voted*
*Green has voted*

Purple was not the 'imposter'. Two imposters remain.
by Doki Doki Lover October 07, 2020
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