ADRIEN DON'T BE A IDIOT SHES NOT A FRIEND SHES MORE and I will not allow Adrien and Kagami!
adrien="she's just a friend"

everyone else="NO SHE'S NOT!!"
by Ugh, I hate it all June 2, 2020
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something the stupid pretty model boy says when talking about his "friend" marinette. like c'mon broski, stop being blind for two minutes and see that you love her
adrien: she's just a friend

the entire miraculous ladybug fandom: KAKJHFSAKJHFSAKJ
by notastraggotyouhoe June 27, 2021
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That’s the definition of Adrien being fucking blind and stupid.
She’s just a friend. ( I secretly have feelings for her but I won’t admit it cause I’m a stubborn bitch)
by She’s just a friend October 2, 2019
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What Adrien calls the love of his life (Marinette) but is too stupid to realize that he the love of his life which is Ladybug is Marinette and is right in front of him!
Plagg: You’re supposed to be in love with Ladybug and you DITCH Kagami to go after Marinette?
Adrien: Me, going after Marinette? No, SHE’S JUST A FRIEND.
by Ruby's BFF December 21, 2020
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She's not just a friend, retreat! That nigga is lying and using your stupid ass, leave him yesterday if he won't stop talking to a girl your not comfortable with him talking to and if you have to ask him more thank once to not talk to her angmore.
Girlfriend: hey who is she, I don't understand why you guys talk so much?
Boyfriend: babe don't worry shes just a friend I don't like her like that even though I give her more attention than you.
Girlfriend : *stupidly* oh okay I believe you.
by Logicalpotato December 20, 2016
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blind boi adrien saying this to his 'friend' aka his soon to be girlfriend, Marinette
Marinette? yah, shes just a friend.
by kill-liela-here June 22, 2021
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