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Emotional Disturbed Person. Used by NYC EMS and NYPD to describe nature of call or diagnosis of patient
I had to cut my blind date short last night, dude turned out to be a total EDP
by bk11214 July 04, 2009
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An EDP is when you get hit in the dick or "BONER" and it recedes back into your hurts alot. Also Known As Erected Dick Punch
"One Day Chris Rivera was walking home from his boyriend Bradley Bloomfields house and he still had an erection from all the flying stiffies and Wet Asian Noodle Games they were playing. I than ran up to him, called him a fag for having an erection in the middle of the street, and I preceded to hit him in the dick(or gave him an EDP). It then went back into his body and he collapsed to the ground. No more being gay for him."
by EDPMaster07 January 14, 2009
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Acronym for Energy Drink Pong. A game played exactly like Beer Pong, but with energy drinks. Monster is usually used, but others such as Nos and Amp maybe used. CAUTION! may cause great amounts of stomach pain and vomiting
Matt: What to you guys wanna do tonight?
Kim: Let's play some EDP!!!
by 49859003 August 03, 2010
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short for Emotionally Disturbed Policeman. A civillian term given to a cop that is a real asshole or just plain crazy.
Policeman: Lisence and registration?

Woman: I'm sorry but I don't have it officer, I'm in a rush, my mother is dying and I have minutes to get the hospital...

Policeman: Get Your Hands Up! Shut Up! I'm in charge here!! ..settle down! .. no back talk! or I will just have to take you downtown little miss my mom's dying..RELAX! let me do my job!! I will taser you!

Woman: (?).. frick'in EDP!

Policman: that's it, now you did it! you're coming with me. Let's see you go to a funeral from jail!
by ebabe February 10, 2010
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Extreme Doggy Paddlers. A kid, usually very little, who enters a pool in any way and does a rapid thrashing foward stroke, like a dog, in an attempt to reach saftey. A kid who does the doggy paddle very flulently and makes no attempt to do a more efficent stroke to reach saftey, dispite distance; usually because they cant swim. Aslo, they are very stupid beacuse they still enter the water when they cant swim besides their doggy paddle.
Kid 1: Damn son look at all those EDP's, they look like dogs taking it up the ass
Kid 2: Thats my brother man... its his only stoke bedises drowning
by Jeff Breeds June 14, 2007
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