A child predator is someone rather older than a minor is. A child predator can be aged from 18+.
Example A child predator approaches you, proceeding to touch you randomly. "Ah! A child predator! Run!" This is why, i never trust people I do not know. So, try take this definition and advice deeply.
by _Little_Trans_Girl_In_Yo_Hood_ November 24, 2018
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My name is graduated starboy zeke, I am a child predator, and I like putting my dick in little kid’s mouths.
by ur local meme kid January 23, 2019
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Chad, Hunter & Shane from β€œOhio Valley Pedo’s”, a social media group where they go around touching kids.
Child: Ahhhh!! It’s The Ohio valley pedos!!! Run!!!!
Mom: Who are they???
Child: They are going to touch me and rape me!!! They are child predators!!
Mom: lol rip have fun x
by ohiovalleypedos July 09, 2019
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