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To have sex with a distant relative, only to find she is closer related then you previously thought. Named after the notorious ECB from ns, who got with his "third" cousin after getting her drunk, and claiming the story until his parents sat him down and told him the truth.
Are you my cousin? because I totally want to ECB you
by 1337.$ July 17, 2010
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Bodman wanted me to help him move for the third time in three years. So I told him to go ECB!
by nmanyman October 06, 2011
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ELM CITY BOYS - Primarily located in correctional facilities in Connecticut and appear to be a conglomeration of New Haven Street Gangs who have displayed a tendency to unite in the Correctional Facilities as the "ECB". According to intelligence gathered, the following New Haven street gangs comprise of the ECB within the Connecticut Department of Correction: The Ville", "The Hill", "Jungle boys", "KSI", "Island Family/Brothers" and "Elm City Posse".

by VAKI5 August 19, 2003
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