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A small, cheaply built Korean car, primarily driven by white girls under the age of 30 who couldn't tell the difference between Mutang GT and a Corolla and won't change get it serviced or change its oil, brakes, or tires until it's far too late. These owners also probably have some sort of adorable name for their Hyundai Accent.
-mechanic: "so what seems to be the problem?"
-White girl: "my Hyundai Accent made a noise, then it died"
-mechanic: "When is the last time the oil was changed?"
-white girl: "the what was changed?"
-mechanic: "the oil."
-white girl: "I don't really know anything about it, but I've been driving it every day for 2 years .. Is that something I'm supposed to do?"
by McLovin it 575 November 21, 2016
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