The shorter version to call out an "Emotional Bitch" randomly during class/work/school/cafeteria/walmart when the "Emotional Bitch" walks by crying about some drama.

Or, when casually gossipin with your homies, mention the emotional bitch as EB so the people around you don't know who you're talking about.

Pronounced: "eee beee" (e's are pronounced like in the word "need")
"Yo that girl, Sierra, shes such an E.B., why she always be trippin"

"Yo bro i was in class and i yelled E.B. and SHE(eb) turned around and we couldn't help but laugh our asses off"
by padimo January 15, 2010
A shorter way of saying embarassing! Often overused
E.B. man, she just fell!
by RockyLove! May 4, 2011
E.B. stands for 'Eng Boi' (Engineering Boy), pronounced as an abbreviation, and in recent years has been used to describe misguided students pursuing any form of engineering. EB's are generally identified by their lack of happiness and emotion, the dark bag under their eyes and their pale white skin from the lack of sunlight exposure. They generally have poor health due to their intense workload, lack of sleep, lack of social interaction and are fuelled by caffeine. You can usually spot them at your local university computer labs wearing hoodies and trackies.

Their counterpart E.G.'s or 'Eng Gal' (Engineering Girl) are hard to come by. If you spot one, marry her cause they're rare.

P.S. E.G.'s don't exist
Dion: Dayum, that Anthony is such an E.B.

Random: This computer lab reeks of E.Bs.
E.B: Where's my E.Gs at?
Random 1: Is that guy okay, I haven't seen him move for days? Random 2: Nah it's fine, must be an E.B.
by engislyf October 17, 2018
badass maverick film director, resides on Ocean City, NJ.
It is so good, it must be an E.b. Hughes film.
by e.b. hughes June 12, 2007
weed, the ganja, stinky green, mary jane
You got that E.B. Bonskeebee? Im gonna get fuckin wrecked.
by Rumble January 2, 2006