The final known stage of bofa and has a near 100% fatality rate. Little as known as to get E-TMA, one has to first get ligma without the LIGMA-BALLS procedure. Some theories are now reporting that when tested in immune people who survived ligma but didn't develop E-TMA, that the next stage is the so-called "your mom gay" stage.
E-TMA dick lmao
by An Anonymus Ligma Survivour November 9, 2018
A term sounding like a medical disorder but is really a joke.
E-TMA sounds like eat-my then is followed by nuts, dick, ass, or other vulgar words teenagers use to be funny and accepted.
Guy 1 "Hey did you hear Jason died of E-TMA?"
Guy 2 " What's E-TMA?"
by Pigsmasher1981 September 3, 2018
A stray strand of bofa, although it is much more rare due to the fact that it is less contagious than (ligma) and a host cannot contract both; ligma and E-TMA bassed on current scientific data. Although it is still a grew area in the attempts to stop autism. It is spread verbally by tricking some poor bastard into saying "E-TMA".
Autistic child #1 :You know E-TMA?

Normal child #1 :Whats E-TMA?

Autistic child #1 : E-TMA MY ASS!
by Eugene's backpack May 13, 2019
E-tma is a disease hardy researched and very dangerous
Fornite person: What's E-tma

Normal person: E-tma nutzzzz GOTEEEEEM
by UrmomXDDDD August 28, 2018