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Dzeni is a really lovely person, who'd never harm anybody. Apart from a great sense of humour she's also able to laugh about herself, which makes her pretty cool and relaxed.

A friend one can rely on and who always helps you through times of trouble and sorrow.

Dzeni is also full of dreams and expectations to the future, in a positive kind of way. Feeling that your hometown sucks and you just wann to fly away, she'll be sitting next to you in a battered old car. Sunrise is waiting for her to awake the world with her beautiful smile, which lights up the dark sky!
If you ever meet a person named Dzeni, don't let her go. It's the best that can happen to you!
"Good friends are like stars. One cannot always see them, but they'll be always there for you." -For Dzeni
by ChocChipCookie January 17, 2012
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