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1)an ancient primal feline (historic fossil and dna have found to be closely related to the cougar) that has gone rogue and has a taste for devouring petite fragile male preys. once blood has been spilt. the feline will devour its pwee male victims(preys) from oldest to youngest preferablely brothers.

2)a great listener and story teller. favorite line 'true story'

3)a creeper who has evolved through the natural evolution of survival of the fittest without the usage of growth enhancing supplements into the ultimate ninja. the ninja who resides deep within the shadows of the labyrinth known as peeelare. it has been known for this ninja to take form as an ancient primal feline.
supagirls brother was capture by the hle near the camp site.

your mom is a hot great hle; she has a long life filled with remarkable events.
by ptapants December 20, 2010
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