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big faggot 24/7 hipster shit dresses like it's his grandma's funeral
he's that one neighbour that has suspicious black curly hair and you want to report him to the gestapo
is into anime boys carries a yellow umbrella that he probably got from his grandma

edgy hitler fanboi would 100% do a school shooting
o wow look its a fucking aleksa
by anemic shit June 23, 2018
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really awesome magical entity-thought to be an alien by some;always well dressed
i wish aleksa would just appear with some cap'n crunch
by Mr. Blinky August 27, 2008
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to smooth talk your way into a family's heart, for the sole purpose of stealing-ing away with their daughter, and doing less than charitable things to her
i really aleksas' that chic at the beach today, its gonna be weird when I go to the cubs game with her dad tomorrow.
by Mr. Sellers August 15, 2009
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a asshole that doesn't understand anything and likes flirting even though he always ends up failing
dude do you see that Aleksa right there
by therealanony June 10, 2018
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