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A perfect and amazing person, good friend and a person you can trust to. you can always count on him and you can tell him everything. Enis is absolutely perfect. There's no bad thing about him. No one is better than Enis.
''Look at him, he is so Enis!''

''He's perfect almost as Enis.''
by malik13 November 26, 2011
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A filrtatious girl who is know for her funny and hotness. When she walls by, the guys go damn! When you get on her bad side, she will curse you out in so many ways, a grown man would cry.
Damn! That girl could be considered enied!
by bouchs May 05, 2011
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The runeword Enigma in the video-game Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction. Also known as FUKKEN PALA HAX! Gives you the ability to teleport with any class character. Usually uses an ed'd archon plate, socketed with the runes Jah, Ith and Ber.
I made my eni, so now I'll spend all my life item farming
by Lhorkan March 26, 2008
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1) the word Penis but without the letter P, usually used by idiots to name the male phallus but are too afraid/embarassed to say "penis"

2) From the tv cartoon show, Futurama, Fry's grandfather. Discovered in the episode when Fry, Leila, Zoiberg, and Bender go back in time and find out that they ARE the 1947 Roswell UFO Crash...whilst in Roswell fry's supposed grandfather Enis, is blown up in a nuclear test due to idiocy on Fry's part; Fry fucks his grandmother, making him his own grandpa.
Enis was exploded...i'm just typing shit here so i can submit my definitions.
by Matt's Mom October 18, 2006
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