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Dylan is an awesome person. You never want him to be mad at you but you know you could never be mad at him. Sometimes he can be a little weird and crazy at times but you love him uncontrollably. Once you know a Dylan they will most likely mean the world to you or at lest be in your life for a while. They are loveable, crazy, sweet, shy at times, but once you know them they are outgoing. Dylans are trustworthy and will never hurt you. If you are in a relationship with one, cherish him for you may just loss him, he will most likely not leave you. He will try his hardest not to hurt you and want you to be really happy and loving life. Dylans are cute, sensitive, caring but crazy and irresistible. They express themselves though music and things they like. They stay dedicated and can always make you laugh.
Person 1: "See that kid over there?"
Person 2: "Yeah?!"
Person 1: "He's a Dylan"
Person 2: "I know. and he's my Dylan"
Person 2: "I love him uncontrollably" <3
by happinessisinyou October 10, 2013
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A trick played on a fellow athlete where the open hand smacks the target's testicles with the knuckles in a sharp, wrist flicking motion.
"Dude, I sack tapped Brandon, and now he has the whole team trying to sack tap me"
by Chris M July 07, 2004
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Dylan is the guy that everyone is clueless about. You think you know, but you have no idea.
"How is Dylan?"
"Where the fuck did Dylan go?"
"What the fuck is Dylan doing?"
"Why is Dylan doing that?"
"Somebody please help Dylan"
by TheRealDylan January 21, 2018
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This guy is one amazing man. He is the type of guy that will make your day brighter just by seeing his smile. He will always try to help you feel better if you're having a bad day & he has such an amazing personality on top of his handsome & perfect looks. He supports you through thick and thin and he has such an amazing sense of humor. He is the most thoughtful, sweet, and caring guy that you will ever meet & you know that you can tell him anything, because he won't tell a soul. If you come across this guy, know that he will change your life forever. He doesn't just make a wonderful boyfriend, but he grows to become your best friend in the process. If you're lucky enough to find this guy, be sure to keep him in your life for as long as you possibly can, because you won't ever find another guy like him in this world.
Dylan is sweeter than candy.
by Yours Truly 0807 September 17, 2013
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"Dylan" is a Latin term for beast in bed. The best way to define his penis size would be to compare it to a stretch limo. Dylan is a straight OG; you may see him downtown with an all green suit and a pimp stick hittin' up 7 ladies at one time. Every guy should fear a man named Dylan, as he's probably slammed their girlfriend and their mom...twice. Words can't explain how a man named Dylan can get so much pussy without even using Axe body spray. Oh, he's also very good with his tongue.
1: "Hey, do you know that Dylan guy that we always see hanging out downtown?"
2: "Yeah, that fucking puta slammed my girlfriend of 4 years, and when he was done he had an orgy with my mom and her friends..."
1: "Wow, Dylan sounds like a boss."
2: "Fuck you man. Fuck. You."
by OGmilfbanger November 07, 2013
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Dylan, an amazing guy that would make a perfect husband. He loves unconditionally and never mess with him. He may look innocent, but under that face is a straight up savage that knows how to fight. He has a huge dick and gets hella bitches because of the respect he displays for girls. He is a huge hunk of man meat and is considered a sex God.
Do you see that guy over there? He must be a Dylan ๐Ÿ˜
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The one guy who's a complete ass and yet you feel comfort when he's next to you. Dylan is that one friend who makes the most retarded jokes, has weird inside jokes and has the carefree vibe about him. The friend group he is apart of is weird and you wouldn't understand it unless you were in the group too. He has mental dificulties and that can rub off on people. He speaks about it openly though and isn't afraid to say he has depression. When he thinks something is wrong, he says something. He may seem happy at times, but pay close attention and you can see the pain in his eyes sometimes. You'll have to know when to leave him alone and when to talk to him with only little clues within his tone and his body language. If you happen to fall in love with him, you'll have to learn quick otherwise he could give up. Don't let him.

If he's your brother, you're damn lucky. He's always teased and made fun of you. No matter what. It was joke after joke made to insult you. He did that to toughen you up. You've learned to fight back cause of him. You might even be a mini him. It may seem as if he doesn't care for you but the moment something bad happens, he'll run to you, get their number and say a simple line. "Don't worry bout it." And take off. He would do what he does best: Protect you.

Dylan isn't perfect but he's damn amazing. He's strong and cool. An ass but protective. Emo and reserved. But quite open when you're his friend or lover. Don't ever let him go.
Sibling:Fuck you
Dylan: who? What's their number?

Sibling: Uhm. What are you gonna do?
Dylan: Don't worry bout it *smirks*
by Alene Killian July 29, 2018
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