( of personal qualities, behavior, opinions, etc) to become part of a person's character as a result of that person spending time with sb who has those qualities, etc:
My MF's hyperbolic constructions rub off on this head-man!
Lets hope some of John's good ideas rub off on all of us!
by Alex Greene July 28, 2009
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It is picking up someone else characteristics from hanging out wiht them.
Damn girl, da beaner you are dating is rubbing off on you, now you are all speaking Spanish and shit. I am impressed!!!
by da' RB August 20, 2007
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When a girl rubs her clitoris; Female masturbation, Clit stroking.
I was so horny I just HAD to rub off!
by sweetcandysum November 15, 2010
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female form of jerking off; masturbation for a woman
the bitch sat down, took out a playgirl, and started rubbing off

she rubbed off so hard she got carpal tunnel syndrome
by tnerual October 17, 2006
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josh tabaka rubbed off at home over the new manager at work.
by yetti March 21, 2003
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"Damn he's so hot he has me wet !" "I have to go and rub off now." Said Susan.

Rubbing off
by Cookiearrow June 26, 2015
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To remove the serial number off a gun so it cannot be traced back to the owner, if there is a criminal investigation.
“But I’m that nigga, I won’t ever change, rubbing off the paint” -YBN Nahmir, “Rubbin Off The Paint
by Jedi Master Joe March 13, 2018
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