A person that can be childish at times, and is great ato messing things up, but would never try to hurt the girl he likes.
That guy is such a Dylan
by 1234567810 December 22, 2016
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god, i have no words to describe this man. everything about him is perfect, his smile, his laugh, when he blushes after you compliment him. he’s got the biggest heart, even if he doesn’t show it that often. he’s very sweet and very romantic if given the chance. Dylan treats girls the way they deserve. and he respects that you need space, cause he does too. when dylan is happy, he decides that he wants to spread his happiness to the other people around him. he’s very kinky, but will never admit to it. His biggest kink, though, is daddy. dylan is the biggest softy, and has the most beautiful eyes in the world. although he has a very crude sense of humor, he isn’t always that horrific when he jokes. i love dylan, more then i can explain.
dylan treats every girl with respect, and won’t be afraid to fuck anyone up for you.
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If you know a Dylan, you are very lucky. If you are dating a Dylan, you have hit the jackpot. He's pretty much the cutest guy you'll ever meet and all the girls want him. He has the sexiest brain ever! Dylan is very intuitive and sensitive. Dylan will make you orgasm in 30 seconds or less. Dylan is super intelligent, and sometimes that can be intimidating to people of a lesser mental capacity. Not only is he the ideal romantic partner, but he makes an amazing, loyal friend. You will never hear Dylan talk shit about anyone. If you have Dylan's respect you are most likely a great person too. He has a wonderful sense of humor and his personality blends well with all different types of people. Dylan is a very likable dude.
"Hey look over there! It's the coolest guy in the room, Dylan!"

"I'm so lucky! I think Dylan likes me!"

"Dylan today, Dylan tomorrow, Dylan for life."

"It's dat Dylan tho."
(Used as a verb)

Girl: "I wonder what its like to be Dylaned"
Dylan: "Oh, I'll Dylan you good"
by lillypewp January 29, 2016
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The sweetest guy you will ever meet, he'se been through a lot of shit but has a heart of gold. He has lost of friends and loves to hang out and joke around with them. He has the softest hair in the world and the bestest friend and boyfriend you could ever ask for. He is perfect in every way and everything he does is perfect. Hese very adventurous and has a lot of ambition. If you ever find a flat rock at a beach you should give it to him because Dylan's are very talented in many ways expectially at skipping rocks. Dylan's have a deep love for pizza and apple juice. Dylan's eyes are the prettiest shade of blue and you can get lost just looking in them. If you every come across a Dylan keep him close to your heart because they are rare and very special.c
When I met Dylan it was love at first sight.
by Sparkles and glitter January 30, 2015
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Dylan is the kind of person that will almost always be there for you and will give his gf his jacket/sweater when she gets cold.
Dylan I'm really cold ok here's my sweater q
by Dylan a nice guy January 10, 2018
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a boy who really likes one person and will never give up trying for that one girl! (: and he is cute! (:
omg is that dylan!
by elyza snodgrass February 04, 2013
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The most amazing guy to walk this earth. He is sweet, funny, caring, gorgeous, happy and sweet. He would walk to the ends of the world for the people he cares about. He isn't one to get jealous and he's always there to listen or offer you a shoulder to cry on. He will send you flowers on your birthday or ask you to the homecoming dance by writing on your driveway. He will never ever let you forget how much he cares about you or how lucky he is to have you. He is the guy every girl should want.
by ronaldmacdonald January 18, 2011
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