Dylan is one of the greatest people anyone will get the chance to meet! Dylan will make you fall in love in the blink of an eye,will always be there for you no matter how bad you mess up , and Dylan is honestly the sweetest,nicest,cutest,and all around best person anyone could ever meet!
Dylan is the best! I'm so glad I met Dylan
by Spiderman_lover May 16, 2013
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Dylan, is this really cool guy..

sometimes an ass, but you still love him anyways!
he's easy to talk to, a great friend.. and someone you can depend on. unless he's with his fake ass friends...
he's crazy fun to be around, love's :3 faces

&& make's you laugh.. A LOT.
Dylan can brighten someones day instantly.
dylan is some goofy kid i meet in my bio class freshman year. (:
by :3whore. August 08, 2011
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the most amazingest (not a word) person you'll ever meet in your life. when you feel completly like shit, he'll perk up your mood by just being there. hes a great kisser and really good at those "sexual things". he has really soft hair and the most gorgeous brown eyes that you could stare into for hours.
>>:Who's that guy over there?
<<:He has soft hair and gorgoeous brown eyes and he looks like he could be good at doing sexual things.

>>:He must be a Dylan
by TheBateMaster9000 January 31, 2011
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Very nice, funny, and awesome person. This person, usually a boy, can appear shy but is actually fun and outgoing. Some people who don't know him will call him a "fag" or a "homo" but these alligations are completely false. This idividual has goregeous blue eyes and awesome hair, he is tall, and is good at breaking hearts although that was not his intention.

Dylan's are sweet and caring, though they do not express their feelings to others. They can be friends with almost anyone. The sight of one Dylan could make you faint from pure awesomeness.

Most people adore him because, lets be honest, what's not to adore?!

If you come in contact with a Dylan, approach him calmly and start a conversation. But while doing this...dont ever, EVER bring up Taylor Swift becasue you could send them on a frenzy of hate! In conclusion, Dylans are one of the most beautiful, awesome creatures to walk the face of the planet (see Earth), they are so super sweet, and could make almost anyone fall for them in about five minutes. Dylans are truly unique.
Dylan is the guy that all girls (in their right mind) would want and all the guys would go gay for.
by IChooseYou April 23, 2011
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A man with an incredibly huge penis. Legend has it that his penis caused the big bang
"Where is Dylan"
"Just look down his penis is so big it wraps around the world, we can trace him"
by LifeFacts30001 October 24, 2018
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If prevoked will eat your entire family.
Dam,Dylan devoured my family again
by Curionsu January 04, 2020
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A Dylan is the most amazing guy on the planet. He is typically a nerd. A really hot nerd who should take his shirt off more often. Dylans usually have wavy brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and glasses. They enjoy playing video games and watching geeky movies and TV shows like Star Wars or Chuck. They tend to listen to classic and alternative rock, and they hate country and Justin Bieber. A Dylan has the best sense of humor you will ever come across. He is extremely silly, but he is also a very sweet, caring boyfriend. He would never pressure a girl to do anything she wasn't ready for. Dylans appreciate and love their families. They will make their girlfriends bacon. A girl who holds the heart of a Dylan is a very lucky girl indeed!
My boyfriend Dylan is the sweetest guy in the world!
by Rapunzel11 December 08, 2011
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