When someone drinks a few grogs and all of a sudden thinks they are Mike Tyson.
-“Look at this flog starting something over there”

-“Bitta Dutch courage”
by Lucifer is my bitch January 10, 2022
Getting home at 4am drunk and stinking of cheap perfume, slapping
your girlfriend on the arse and whispering "You’re next, Bitch."
by ud40 March 1, 2005
Its bad when a group of people made the English and French look brave in the American Revolution by letting them do all the fighting in a war for independence from European control. Its not called Dutch courage for nothing.
French guy-Your courage is such Dutch courage.
Dutch guy-Well, there was blood everywhere and I was too high to fight.
French guy-Like I said your courage is such Dutch courage.
Dutch guy-Im gonna pretend you didn't say that, I'm a lovable guy.
French guy-You have too much Dutch courage to be a lovable guy. You're a fucking coward, not a pet.
Dutch guy-You made a good point just now.

Damn a French guy told you that you're a fucking coward, that's bad.
by Solid Mantis July 24, 2018
(n.) An alcoholic beverage had before an unpleasant task. The fact that britains' second empire and the Netherlands' first rose at the same time caused a great deal of tension between the two nations (though never real animosity like there was with France) and when they joined in temporary naval alliances they noted that dutch sailors took thier alcohol allowance just before battle, whereas the Royal Navymen drunk throughout the day.
I need some dutch courage before going down on that hairy, spotty bush!
by Gumba Gumba May 24, 2004
Alcohol induced self-confidence, the beverage in question was gin, or genever (juniper), the main ingredient.
I think I need some Dutch Courage to ask this hot chick out tomorrow night.
by brockhoward September 27, 2011
he'' need a bit of dutch courage to takle her!
by filth April 24, 2003
liquor, false courage from drinking liquor(this use, like many derogatory uses of dutch, comes from a time when England was at war with Holland. However, dutch also means German, which can be confusing)
Those pussys were drinking dutch courage, thinking it will make them tougher. What a bunch of sissys!
by Light Joker March 13, 2005