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A beautiful, selfless person who tends to yell be never in a bad way, she's always joking around and making people laugh. She's someone who truly brings the light to your eyes. She is beautiful in every way. She acts like she's not pretty but she is gorgeous! She is fun loving and smart. She is always hyper and willing to do crazy things. If you have a Kalyn in your life your extremely lucky. I love the Kalyn in my life so much and I was stupid enough to let her go.
Kalyn, I love you.
by BreTheDirt December 22, 2017
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Kalyns are so pretty they practically glow with beauty! They are so funny and fun to be around! They are always laughing and happy! They are the best friends to have because they are always they for you! Kalyns are very liked by boys! They are very good at relationships! They are very popular. Everyone wants to be there friend! If you know a Kalyn you are a very lucky person!
Boy 1: That girl is so pretty! She looks like a goddess!

Boy 2: she must be a Kalyn!
by supercutie121 June 08, 2014
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A girl of high priority ; respectful ; kind , caring , loving ; amazingly beautiful ; very unique and talented .
Why can't I be a kalyn , she's f**king awesome !
by - kaybear May 05, 2009
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Most wonderful person in the entire world. Makes me smile so big that my mouth hurts. Had no idea that she was so awesome.
Wonder if Kalyn will get this....
by WonderingNightmare February 22, 2012
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Something indescribably good, can be used as a weapon of mass confusion.
Example? Why? Umm...

How can I give an example of a person?
by mchief343 July 06, 2004
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