To wed a partner with a social status well above one's own.
Senator Kerry knows how to marry up.
by Ken Marsh October 22, 2005
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An ambiguous term which is used to reference one useless piece of information to another equally useless piece of information.
Marry up this spread sheet with your tracker
by Midmcnasty October 20, 2005
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When someone's other half is better than them.

Back in the day this would have been used of marrying someone higher up in society, but nowadays it's just generally when someone is punching above their weight in the romance department. If you use it about yourself it's a compliment. If someone else uses it about you, they basically think you're ugly.
"Did your wife make you those sandwiches? They look amazing."
"I know! I married up."


"Buck-toothed Jimmy just got married! Check out the wedding shots!"
"She is hot. That guy seriously married up!"
by 90bn October 26, 2009
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The act of snagging a spouse that is way out of your league
Rita is incredibly smart and hot. Tom is definitely marrying up by snagging her.
by Twin of Henry Rollins June 30, 2014
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When your wife falls asleep in her sweets as soon as you walk in the door, then you put your laptop on her back and wank off to videos of other having sex.
My friend is the most well adjusted husband, he is always hook up married
by Wife is killing me December 7, 2013
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