The sound one makes when having an orgasm.
A word to describe something that is orgasmic.
This word can be used in any sense if somehow affiliated with somehting orgasmic.
"Waaaaw this is amazing!!"
"Ooo girl dat Lady Gaga concert was Waw"
by BeckyCarlson&TylerTorres October 20, 2009
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Worse than awful.
John: How was the Nickelback Concert?
Anthony: Oh god, it was wawful.
by TrumpMoney August 4, 2014
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Basically just means "wow". wAw is used when you're shocked or disappointed. Usually not a positive comment, however that doesn't mean you can't just yell it out loud whenever you feel like screaming.
Q: "Did you really bang that fat chick last night?!"

A: "wAw!!"
by AceGD November 26, 2011
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WAW: what a week.

Should be self-explanatory, but refers specifically to the way one feels on Friday having survived a challenging week. WAW can only refer to a week that was punctuated with drama of the unwelcome kind.

Often used frequently by college students on the way to an kegger or house party that involves drinking and forgetting the week that just ended.
Student One: WAW! Between all that mama drama and midterms, I need to get hammered tonight.

Student Two: Yo' man, don't get me started. You got frat boy problems now? You won't remember them tomorrow. WAW.
by EmmaSez February 18, 2012
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She wants to be named Kate so she can pretend to be a princess? WAW.
by Anna E. Poeb April 23, 2011
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