The art of low-balling sellers when buying an item, and then reselling the same item on the same Facebook page for more than double what you paid and abusing people who offer substantially less.

People who commonly practice the Dunstan tend to avoid being detected by swapping items for items of higher value or posting up EOI ads and asking people to inbox them for the price in hopes that said person didn't see the advertisement when they bought it.

Another classic example of the Dunstan is purchasing a complete car for $1,500 then asking $1,600, $800 and $500 for just three parts off said car. Some people who are religious believers in the Dustan will lie about what they paid for the item to give people the false impression that they aren't profiteering.
Friend: Hey I just noticed a car for sale on Gumtree the guy wants $8k looks pretty neat.
Me: Except that he bought the car as an insurance write-off for $2k and spent $1.5k finishing it. What a Dunstan!
by PerthCommodoresMember February 20, 2014
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The Dunstan is a sex move which involves putting half a creme egg on the end of a penis then preforming oral sex.
-''Are you doing The Dunstan tonight?''

-"Yeah, I'm going to the shop to buy a creme egg now."
by Mr Creme egg March 15, 2013
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A Chimpanzieeeee Name
by Evan Baxter May 13, 2008
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This man smells like acid and always scares the younger kids.
eww you smell like Mr Dunstan
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A dutty school full of boys who try act hard and act like their roadmen. Half of the girls turn out to be messed up in the head when they leave and some turn into slags. People make it sound like a good school but it’s really dead and messed up after year 5
“What primary school did you go?”
St dunstans school
“Don’t talk to me again u nit
by Rainbowgg4L October 10, 2021
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