Short for 'nit-pick'. Usually being used in code review(programing) meaning: a small change that may not be very important, but is technically correct.
nit: add code comments here.
by mynameisnotarchon May 22, 2019
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gambling term. usually found in poolrooms. Refers to:
1. Someone who's so afraid to lose a bet that they have to be coddled and convinced for an hour that they're going to have a great time and probably win, too. Eventually they may play, but by the time they get on the table the stakes are so low the table-time will eat any winnings you make.
2. someone who won't play unless they have a guaranteed sure win.
3. someone who'll squeeze a dollar 'til george's eyes pop out of the paper.
that guy's such a nit- he wouldn't bet a nickel that water's wet.
by blah blah December 24, 2004
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A nit in poker is only playing premium starting hands and afraid to put in money without the absolute nuts. Pretty much similar to a rock. In lower stakes games this style is working marginally because the bad players don't pick up on their habit and pay them off anyway. Any decent player can crush them though which is why you generally won't see a nit in higher stakes games.
That guy is a complete nit. He hasn't played a hand for the last hour.
by xgamer April 2, 2008
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Get lost nit! You don't even know what you're talking about.
by Elec October 21, 2004
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(noun) Derivative of "nitpicker"
In poker, refers to a person who is obsessed with following the rules, even when it will not affect the outcome of the hand. This person will hold up the game by calling for floorman rulings in obvious situations. Having a nit at the table is often detrimental to the spirit and quality of the table. Often a trait of a rock.
This nit on my right is going to scare away the drunk fish by harrassing him over every minor rule he breaks!
by PokerGrl April 14, 2007
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Used by neds to actually replace the word "no".
"give us a shot of your (mo)ped"
by Matthew Semar November 27, 2004
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someone who is lazy, likes to drink beer, likes to sit on the couch with at least one hand in pants (preferably two), attends class no more than 3 hours a week, watches porn at least 2 hours a day, and knows the definition of "shit list"
ArtieB is a nit. Raffi is a nit. Naveen is a nit. Dan is a Nit. Vish is a nit. Ha$h is a nit.
by ArtieB October 28, 2003
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