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Expression Of Interest

Used on forums or websites to see how much interest their topic/ad/advent will get and if it is worth doing or selling.
1. EOI Goldy Road Trip the 25th?
Mark - yeah im keen

2. EOI 2005 XR6 BA $29000
Mark- bit expensive mate
You- yeah mate, just seeing how much its worth
by njk101 November 10, 2009
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A SOF2/MOHAA/COD hacking team.

Have made the best hacks for each of those games.

Consists of

.:EOI:.Defc0n10 (CcSoccer881) - C++/OpenGL Coder

Members / Testers

.:EOI:.GrumpySpyGuy - Tester
.:EOI:.TheNatural772 - Tester
.:EOI:.SnipedUrAzz - Tester
.:EOI:.c00ki3-m0nster - Tester
.:EOI:.DarkGunman788 - Tester
.:EOI:.Kyoji - Tester


.:EOI:.Elac - Scripter
.:EOI:.XMD113 - Scripter


.:EOI:.FlameGod - Coder
.:EOI:.Maroone - Coder
.:EOI:.PAS312 - Coder
.:EOI:.Purdue - Coder

Scripters / Coders

.:EOI:.Virussss - Scripter / Coder
.:EOI:.N30 - Coder / Scripter
.:EOI:.Klownterfit - Coder / Scripter
by Inet September 07, 2003
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