A drink made by adding Chicago's infamous Malort Liquor to a bottle of Fireball Whisky.
That Chicagoan bastard handed me the jug of Fireball and it was halfway to my stomach when I tasted the Malort and knew I was served up a Dumpster Fire.
by RenoRubs January 15, 2016
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Someone who's ridiculously unattractive (and possibly arrogant/attention seeking and thinks they're super attractive).
My friend neglected to tell me my blind date was a total dumpster fire.

She started crying in front of the mirror when she realized she was a complete dumpster fire.
by The-DudeManchu December 21, 2013
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"Dumpster Fire" is a way to say that something is extremely fucking dumpster fuel, but it is enjoyable at the same time. It is extremely disliked by many people, but also extremely liked by others.
Hey Laquelium, did you listen to the new Playboi Carti album bro that shits dumpster fire.

Nah bro I didn't listen to that shit it's just dumpster juice that shits ass.
by truerotter May 22, 2019
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Baylor University; Baylor University Football
"Have you heard about the Dumpster Fire in Waco, TX?", "Next on ESPN: More fuel added to the Baptist Dumpster Fire in Waco as new allegations of sexual misconduct by players and administrators emerge."
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by Leroy Snitzle March 14, 2017
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Ahh! I threw my cig away before putting it out and it caused a dumpster fire!
by Madmadness January 29, 2011
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Lit. Fire. Banger. Awesome.
"Bruh, last night was a total dumpster fire!"
"Yeah man, it was lit!"
by Jyvo April 15, 2017
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