A drink made by adding Chicago's infamous Malort Liquor to a bottle of Fireball Whisky.
That Chicagoan bastard handed me the jug of Fireball and it was halfway to my stomach when I tasted the Malort and knew I was served up a Dumpster Fire.
by RenoRubs January 16, 2016
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Someone who's ridiculously unattractive (and possibly arrogant/attention seeking and thinks they're super attractive).
My friend neglected to tell me my blind date was a total dumpster fire.

She started crying in front of the mirror when she realized she was a complete dumpster fire.
by The-DudeManchu December 22, 2013
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Baylor University; Baylor University Football
"Have you heard about the Dumpster Fire in Waco, TX?", "Next on ESPN: More fuel added to the Baptist Dumpster Fire in Waco as new allegations of sexual misconduct by players and administrators emerge."
by Leroy Snitzle March 14, 2017
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Ahh! I threw my cig away before putting it out and it caused a dumpster fire!
by Madmadness January 30, 2011
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When a person of any gender blows smoke from either a vape or cigar into the private parts of a female, then and only then is the dumpster fire created.
Yo I lowkey wanna start a dumpster fire when I eat out Ashly tonight!
by SpinkCity January 25, 2021
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Lit. Fire. Banger. Awesome.
"Bruh, last night was a total dumpster fire!"
"Yeah man, it was lit!"
by Jyvo April 16, 2017
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