An innocent word used for describing a cult of sleep-deprived people who obsess over one or multiple comics, books, tv shows, movies, video games, etc.
(I mean this in the nicest possible way, I am a member of a number of fandoms myself.)
Beatrice is a member of the Divergent fandom. She cannot stop reading fanfiction and searching fanart. Her OTP is FourTris. She read all the books before seeing the movies.
by JennaTheKiller July 8, 2014
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A group of people who willingly have their souls devoured by an obsession.
by Useless Paperclip March 25, 2015
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Run, run away and never look back
I entered the supernatural fandom but I can't find the exit now my life is a spiraling hole of fandom chaos
by SimpleSprinkle February 14, 2017
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A fandom is a group, or community, of people who like a game, book, or specific topic. Usually on social media, a fandom is not a uncommon sight

Most people have gone into a fandom, and there is a most likely chance a person will go into a fandom, and leave one, once in their life.

Fandoms can be good or bad, depending on the age of people, the smarts of people, and the amount of cringe of people. Emojis and cringe, etc. can ruin a fragile fandom. Not to mention horny artists who have the urge to make porn. (At least the art is good.)
The fandom of the new game is really doing great!
by Danker Memer April 26, 2016
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Fandom means family. And family means no one sits alone in mental institute. Because there are so many days when it looks like we are all going to end up in one.
( Warning: Prepare some cash, if you are joining fandom. Therapies are expensive)
You don´t choose fandom. Fandom chooses you.
by SomeAwesomeName November 12, 2014
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The satanic cult that will destroy you and everything you love. They will take control of your mind and break it so you think about nothing but your ships, fanfics and fanart. Don't try to fight back, just sell them your soul while you fangirl screech to the grave.
I'm in like nineteen fandoms and I think I have a problem.
by honk honk cabbage August 1, 2017
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An innocent name for a giant cult of over obsessed internet addicts and sleep deprived freaks.
Person 1: Why are you so tired.

Person 2: The ____ fandom has taken over my life!
by Zachtsullivan October 18, 2014
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