Jenny loves to find guys on tinder to meet up with.
I'm just not emotionally ready for a relationship but we can be friends and fool around.

Wears leggings every damn day.
Says i know but I'm cute so it's ok.
She's a dumpster fire.
by realjohnjacob February 12, 2016
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From the twitter feed of Daniel Lin, economics professor at American University in Washington, DC:

Early Iowa results
29% Punchable Face
25% Solid Gold Dumpster Fire
21% Tracy Flick
51% Pending Indictment
49% Venezuela
by SuperFreakDog July 20, 2016
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When a large number of hobos, vagrants get together and piss and shit on everything in sight. Sometimes the public joins in.
There's that group of hobos running around doing a Times Square Dumpster Fire. Oh shit look Brendan is hammered at that bar and started his own personal Times Square Dumpster Fire.
by Kobrakys September 5, 2017
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A plus size girl who is hot but has a background of complication.
That attractive lady with the round waist is always on her phone, mad. She is a dumpster fire.
by Ajed January 29, 2022
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According to Donnie Baker. A dumpster fire is when you give a ginger a rim job.
Hey Josh I hooked up with Ashley last night!

*josh* "isn't she a ginger?
Yeah I gave her a dumpster fire!
by Arcaneangel December 28, 2022
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