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Frontier; screw, fool, defraud, bamboozle, dupe or swindle. Not getting a straight answer. Being passed around from dept to dept. In reference to Frontier Communications' poor service.
"I waited all day for the technician to show up and install my internet and he never showed up and I called into Customer Service and no one could give me a straight answer.", "Awe, man, you really got Frontiered"

"I gave my credit card information over the phone to the ISP and they hung up on me and I called back and no one picked up", "Sounds like you got Frontiered, my friend"
by CustomerServiceRep March 31, 2017
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Nissan Pickup Truck produced stating in 1998 with chassis code D22. Replaced previous "Hardbody" D21 pickup. With the KA24DE 4 cylinder and FS5W71C 5 speed trans, it is nearly indestructible. Newer model replaced it around 2006 which is larger and heavier. Also known as the Nissan Navarra in Australia and Europe where it is available with a diesel engine. The SUV variant is called the X-Terra. A VG33DE V6 became available in 1999 and a supercharged version of the VG was available in 2001. All years are available with 2 or 4 wheel drive.
My Frontier has 300,000 miles on it and uses no oil.
by Bil-e-bob March 05, 2008
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The Frontier is the area of town where you and all your friends live.
Ew, I'd never go out with so-and-so. He's not from the Frontier.
by Reese Witherfork April 28, 2006
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