A short homosexual fat man who thinks driving luxury cars makes him look good when he just looks like a black smurf. And he thinks his bachelor medical degree makes him look successful when in reality he's a broke rapist. He also has a tendency of pointing out other's flaws when his are clearly the same or worse.
Duke uncle is a very annoying piece of shit that was fucked by Masud Uncle.
by Ifukedshrek69 June 23, 2019
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Both teams are usually top 25 in the nation , and they always play a two or three crazy games against each other every year. Both have great coaches, one of whom has the most collegiate basketball wins ever. ( hint, it’s not the UNC coach ) They both usually make it to the NCAA Tournament and they usually make it to at least the Sweet 16. Except for last year lmao. The fan bases hate each other more than anything on planet earth. All UNC fans want to kill Christian Laettner and all Duke fans wish they got MJ.
Duke fan: u see that Duke vs UNC game last night?
UNC fan who lost: no I have a short memory lol
( right now Duke owns UNC )
by Lebrun Jaames December 10, 2021
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To have a the CA experience. The West Coast, best coast experience. Shhh, don't tell nobody.
Joe: (Tired just got home from airport. PHONE RINGS)
Jane: Hi, Joe! You're back! How was California?!
Joe: Girl, it was lit. I went to game, saw E40 there, couple sideshows ...so many dimes like daisy dukes bikinis on top.
by misstara007 August 27, 2021
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A pair of man short that are so short that the mans dick hangs out.
Man, Randy's Dicksy Dukes are so short that even his balls are hanging out.
by GoldenGabro January 5, 2017
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When you defecate on top of someone’s dishes in their kitchen sink .
Yo I heard Brenda took a dish duke at Tia’s house last week .
by Headlocknoogie November 23, 2021
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