Derived from the original meaning of the name Karl Schmidt who is so slick he slides uphill.
All women want him and all men want to be him (some even want him too)...
If you're up for a good time, hang with Schmidty.
"Have you ever heard of Schmidty?" asks Sara.

"Yeah, I was with him last night and boy did he rock me sideways! No-one will ever satisfy me like Schmidty did!" replies Paris.
by Prof. Heinz-Klaren February 24, 2005
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A word used to describe the colest person on the planet, Kailyn Schmidt. Used as a nickname and in replacement of Schmidt.
Yo, Schmidty, lets go back to Band Class!
by Kailyn January 24, 2005
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Most beautiful girl you will ever meet.
Every meaning of the word perfection.
gorgeous, kind, gentle.
Hey, have you seen that Schmidty girl?

Yeah, her eyes caught mine from across the room, pweh
by Fairy1993 July 24, 2011
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One who has lost all sperm due to acute Moutain Dew addiction.
a: jack says to tell you that you have no sperm...apparently mountain dew is bad for you
schmidty: Poisonous blashemies!!
Listen not to this heretic
he will soon be silenced
as will his counterpart Eric
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One who never throws down for pot. A person that always gets smoked up.
Guy 1: Yo lets get some pot!
Schmidty: Yea yo
Guy 2: Lets each throw down 5 bucks
Schmidty: Nah son, im running low on cash
by El Diablo Magik Man April 3, 2010
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When a manager offers a monetary raise to an employee if the employee has sex with said manager. As the manager reaches climax he turns to the employee and says, "by the way, your fired"
guy1: we need to get rid of that girl
guy2: ill take her home tonight and schmidty her
by genevakiller November 17, 2009
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1. nickname

2. a person who rarely talks and likes sexy turtles.
Look at schmidty over there, why doesn't he talk!
by sexy turtle May 17, 2005
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